About LTC

Language Training Center (LTC), previously known as Language Center until September 2007, is one of the supporting units in Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU), Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. We have been managing several language programs for foreigners including English, Indonesian and languages and cultures for over 50 years with support from our professional and well-trained faculty members, making it one of SWCU’s well-known international programs.

LTC has served over 15.000 participants learning those three languages and cultures coming from Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, America, Germany, Spain and many other foreigners for other nationality backgrounds who are living/staying, working and or studying in Indonesia. We’ve served many satisfied and returning participants and believe that our services also bring benefit not only for the participants, but also their universities, institutes and offices.

Our Staff

LTC has 5 permanent staffs assisted by 2 college students working part-time as our receptionists.


We are currently running language programs in 5 different languages: English, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin & Javanese. In addition to teaching language, LTC has a strong commitment to promote foreign language teaching through regular seminars and workshops. We also offer translation services from English to Indonesian and vice versa.